Image Types

There are two image types available today both with various formats. They are Raster and Vector. We hope that you find this information helpful.

Firstly what is a Raster image. Raster images are made up of a grid of a fixed number of pixels. They don’t scale well, and enlarging the image will result in pixelation (distortion) as the grid pattern becomes visible.

Common Raster file formats include PNG, JPEG and GIF. if you are using thumbnails on your site these formats are perfect.

Vector images, on the other hand, are constructed mathematically. They work particularly well for simple images such as logos, text, icons, etc. They are mathematical and when they are zoomed in on or resized the browser recalculates the mathematics, and the image will remain sharp.

Common vector formats are EPS and PDF. if you have an image as a background full size header it should be one of these formats preferably.

Knowing what the purpose is for the intended image will help you choose the correct file format.

Be warned though that some file formats cannot be loaded onto a webpage due to potential security issues for example SVG, which is a vector file.

If you are using imagery on your website, ensure that you optimise it before uploading as vector files are large in size and take up valuable memory space.

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